Audio Docking Station

The purpose of this project was to build a bass and treble audio docking station by designing our own bandpass filters as well as a custom power supply. image

University of Pennsylvania


Tools: Circuits, Circuit-Lab,

Teammate:Kyler Mintah

Project Report
We set out to design two filters to handle an unamplified audio signal of voltage that ranged from 0 to approximately 300 V​ and frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (the RMS​ audible spectrum). Our first filter we designed was to filter the bass frequencies of our input signal, and our second to filter out the treble frequencies of our input signal. Our given filter specifications were as follows:

Bass Filter
Frequency Range (Bandpass Specification): 150 Hz to 350 Hz Roll-Off Rate: -20 dB

Treble Filter
Frequency Range (Bandpass Specification): 7.9 kHz to 9.9 kHz Roll-Off Rate: -20 dB.
This meant that we needed to build a filter with a bandpass that ranged from 150 Hz to 350 Hz for the bass filter and 7.9 kHz to 9.9 kHz for the treble filter.

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Transformer                       Final Block diagram for the power supply

Published 1 Dec 2017